Honda pulls the plug on the NSX supercar

Honda keeps dropping one shocking news after another. After announcing that it is pulling out of Formula One racing, Honda now says that the Nissan GT-R will no longer have a competitor. That's right the company has pulled the plug on the 600-hp 5.5L V10 NSX supercar due to an economic slowdown and declining sales.

Besides having a running prototype and posting some competitive Nurburgring laps, Honda's CEO Takeo Fukui said that all development on the NSX will cease.

Honda was expected to show a concept version of the NSX at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show next month. Now all Detroit funding will go towards showing the production Insight Hybrid, FC Sport, FCX Clarity and the CR-Z concept.

2010 Acura NSX Prototype at Nurburgring :




Banzai burned? Honda reportedly kills NSX

Amidst a troubled global economy, Honda is actively scaling back its operations, and its performance programs are sadly bearing the brunt. After canceling its participation in Formula One and the AMA motorbike road racing series, the Japanese automaker has reportedly announced that it is nixing development of the next-generation NSX supercar.

The unfortunate news will undoubtedly come as a stunning disappointment for the loyal legions of Honda/Acura sportscar fans. The new NSX, which looked to be nearing the end of its development on the road to production, was slated to be the most powerful car ever made by Honda, driven by an anticipated 560-horsepower V10.

According to Autocar, the goal-line audible came from none other than Takeo Fukui, Honda's CEO, who dropped the bombshell as part of an end-of-year speech to the troops. The news also means that Honda is suspending plans to finally bring the Acura nameplate to Japan, and it also calls into doubt the fate of the V10 engine itself, as well as any long-rumored V8 powertrains.

Honda hasn't ruled out the possibility of picking up where it left off once business is back in order, but in the meantime the original NSX, which ceased production in 2005 after fifteen years on the market, will have to remain without an heir.

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[Source: Autocar]


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