Takanobu Ito to become Honda’s CEO in June

During the change in power at Toyota Motor Corp. in June, Honda Motor Corp. will follow with its own change in leadership. Takanobu Ito, currently head of global automotive operations, will replace Takeo Fukui as CEO starting in June as the company faces tough economic times, declining sales and a strong yen.

Fukui, who is now 64-years old, has been CEO of Honda since 2003. Ito, 55, joined the Japanese automaker in 1978 working for its research and development department. He later worked on projects such as developing an all-aluminum unibody NSX supercar.

Fukui will remain on the board and will play advisor to Ito.

Akio Toyoda, grandson of the founder of Toyota, will become Toyota's new CEO in June. He will replace Katsuaki Watanbe becoming the youngest CEO in Toyota's history.

Source: MSNBC


Honda F1 Race Car - Sport

Date with a Spanish fly: In sunny southern Spain, our man learns to brake with his left foot, clutch with his thumb, and generally drive a wicked Honda Grand Prix car with his heart in his throat.

The definition of "total imposter" is a 47-year-old magazine editor dressed in a Nomex race suit, attempting to look completely at ease while strolling through a Formula 1 factory—in this case, Honda's, in Brackley, England, 70 miles northwest of London. Honda had been gracious (and foolish) enough to put me in the driver's seat of its 2007 F1 race car (the RA107), one of just six built. No one at Honda I talk to will even hint at what it cost.

First off, they must get me fitted into a car that has the potential to pull more than 4 g under braking and through corners. Even in a fast street car, the driver has to brace himself while cornering hard to counteract the tendency of the body to move to the outside of the car due to centripetal force. In an F1 car, being held in place is additionally important because there's as much as four times the force pushing on the driver's body.

Honda's build operations manager is Peter Hodgkinson, and the moment he sees the visiting stroller, who stands five feet seven inches and weighs 150 pounds, he says, "You're about the right size." Still, it's a struggle getting in. The driver must step on top of the seat, maneuver gingerly to avoid hitting the winglets and mirrors, and then, standing there, carefully slide down. The seat I'm using was made for one-time Honda test driver James Rossiter, a 25-year-old Brit who's five foot seven and maybe 10 pounds lighter than me. It's a tight fit. With some minor but time-consuming adjustments to the length of the seatbelts, the placement of the pedals and the steering wheel, and the amount of padding under my thighs and behind my shoulders, I'm relatively comfortable—if feeling like a chicken trussed up for the oven is comfy.

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Honda could build Insight hybrid in U.S. if sales are strong

Making plans for the future is difficult when the market is uncertain at best and bleak at worst, but Honda is trying to find a way to get its Insight hybrid to market in the U.S. for less that $20,000. To do so, it may have to build the car in the U.S., but it won't be able to justify that step unless it can sell 100,000 of the cars in North America. The Japanese price of ¥1.89 million ($20,623) already makes the Insight the least expensive hybrid vehicle on the market, setting it up to succeed where other hybrids have failed, i.e.

2009 Honda Insight Hybrid


Will Acura show NSX in Detroit even after killing it off?

Just two weeks after we learned that Honda had suspended plans to introduce a new V10 NSX sports car in 2010 comes word that we may see the car anyway. Sort of. The production program is still dead, but it is being reported that the previously scheduled "concept" will appear at Detroit's North American International Auto Show in a couple of weeks.

In typical Honda fashion, a concept version of a new model appears a few months for the street edition. In this case, the NSX was set to debut next fall at the Tokyo Motor Show with the conceptual preview at the Detroit auto show. Since the concept was already prepared before Honda made the decision to scrap the program, they will show it anyway. Honda's presence in Cobo will still be low-key however, with its press conference having been canceled. The NSX and the production Insight will simply appear on the show floor.

Acura NSX

[Source: AutoTeleGraaf.nl]



Honda Launches First Ever Diesel Automatic

Honda Launches First Ever Diesel Automatic

Honda will launch its first automatic transmission for a diesel engine in the New Year, with the new gearbox debuting in the latest Accord. The eagerly-awaited auto 'box for Honda's i-DTEC engine means the Accord will appeal to a new segment of customers, particularly in the corporate market, where high mileage user choosers often will only consider an automatic transmission.

"Company car tax legislation has driven much …

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Honda FC Sport Design Study Suggests Hydrogen Sports Car Future

Honda FC Sport Design Study Suggests Hydrogen Sports Car Future

The FC Sport emphasizes the design flexibility and potential of Honda's V Flow fuel cell technology - already deployed in the Honda FCX Clarity sedan - and reconfigures it into a lightweight sports car design with an ultra-low center of gravity, powerful electric motor performance and zero-emissions. The design study concept is inspired by supercar levels of performance through low weight and a high-performance, electrically driven …

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Honda Begins Leasing FCX Clarity In Japan

Honda Begins Leasing FCX Clarity In Japan

Honda has started leasing the FCX Clarity fuel cell car in Japan earlier today, delivering the first zero-emission car to the Ministry of the Environment.

Initially, Honda will lease the FCX Clarity to government agencies and certain corporate entities in Japan, with up to 200 customers taking delivery of the car in the United States and Japan over the next three years. Honda has leased the vehicle in the US …

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First Official 2009 Honda Insight Photo Released

Honda is going to officially unveil the production version of its Honda Insight Hybrid at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, next month.

The production version of the Insight is pretty close to the concept version that has been touring the auto show circuit. The apparent differences on the outside are different wheels, larger mirrors, door handles and a slightly different front bumper and taillights.

The 2009 Honda Insight will be in showrooms in the spring of 2009. It's also expected to be cheaper than the Toyota Prius and Honda Civic Hybrid.


Honda Insight Hybrid to Make World Debut at the Detroit Motor Show

Honda Insight Hybrid to Make World Debut at the Detroit Motor Show

Honda has today given the first glimpse of the American specification, production version of the all-new 2010 Insight hybrid will make its world debut in January 2009 at the Detroit Motor Show.

This first image of the US version of Honda's latest production hybrid shows how the Insight Concept, first shown at Paris in October 2008, will be transferred into an aerodynamically inspired, athletic looking road car. …

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Honda exits F1 !!

Honda pulled out of Formula One on Friday, dealing a major blow to the sport and ending a dream for Japan's number two car maker.

Amid slumping car sales triggered by the global economic crisis Honda were no longer willing to invest in the Formula One team with an estimated annual budget of $500 million. Return of Honda to the sport could take time and that there are no plans to continue as an engine supplier.

The Japanese manufacturer CEO said that the 2008 season will be last one for Honda in Formula One. Honda has been racing in Formula One since 2000, initially collaborating with BAR for developing the race cars. In 2006 the company switched and started developing the race cars on its own and racing with a 100% Honda owned team. In the same year Honda managed to get a Grand Prix victory.

Honda also announced that it considers selling the Honda Racing F1 Team and its engine supplier, Honda Racing Development. The market depression is showing its colors all over the place. There are more surprises ahead, if the market fall continues.


Honda may delay U.S. diesels due to fuel costs

Honda and Acura have been contemplating bringing diesel engines to the U.S. for some time, but in late October word broke that the engines had been delayed. At the time the reason had been thought to be trouble with 50-state emissions certification, but now the company has revealed the real issue is with the high price of diesel relative to gasoline in the U.S. and materials prices. Whether Honda's move presages similar decisions by other companies is anybody's guess, but the numbers don't lie, and diesel is simply too expensive to justify, even with the fuel savings.


Honda, GM announce massive Q1 2009 production cuts

The car market continues to worsen even as the auto loan bill flounders in Washington. Honda and General Motors today have announced huge production cuts for the first quarter of 2009, totaling over one-third of a million cars between the two carmakers. GM says it will be cutting production by about 250,000 units, or about 33%, in the first quarter of next year. Honda will reduce production by about half that amount, 119,000 cars, over the same period. That both domestic and foreign carmakers are pulling back production hints that the problem is not endemic to the Detroit malaise, but rather to the market as a whole.


Honda Civic Hybrid Makes Hollywood Film Debut

Honda Civic Hybrid Makes Hollywood Film Debut

Honda's low-emission Civic Hybrid stars alongside Keanu Reeves in the Hollywood event blockbuster 'The Day the Earth Stood Still', which opened in cinemas across the UK and Ireland on 12 December. Six of the fuel efficient hybrids were supplied for the movie, which was shot in Vancouver, Canada with two of the cars requiring cutting open [...]

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Honda Cancels New NSX


Uh-oh! … and why do I get the feeling I'm going to be saying that a lot more?

News breaks today that Honda has decided to ax the upcoming re-do of the much loved NSX, Honda's uber-car. During a speech outlining the carmaker's revised economic forecast, Honda CEO Takeo Fukui said that his company has been forced to cancel the upcoming NSX because of the global economic conditions. "The situation is worsening by the day, and there is no prospect for recovery, is our understanding," Fukui said to the assembled reporters.

Read more after the jump.

The old NSX was a very well received ride. Although not a complete technical marvel, it was very competent and as reliable as an Accord. Think of the older NSX as a Ferrari 308 that would start every time you turned the key.

The upcoming/now-canceled NSX was to be V10 powered, still a two-seater, but in the more traditional front engine/rear drive set up. This config was not applauded my many (me included), who felt that Honda should have stuck to better, if sharper, engineering path of a mid-engine layout. Its development was even covered by Chris here at Automoblog.

That said, the new NSX was very far along in its development; test mules were seen on a regular basis pounding around the 'Ring, and there were regular leaks onto the net about what latest hurdle had been cleared. In the land of "soon to be released" cars, this one was about at ready to roll as they come.

So for Honda to pull the plug at this late a date is highly indicative of the concern running through their boardroom. Honda CEO Takeo Fukui also said at today's press conference that company profits were down 67% since this time last year.

Honda, for all their willingness to push technical boundaries, especially on the track, is a pretty conservative company. The old NSX is a good example. A lot of people were disappointed when it had "only" a V6 under the lid. Honda had the engineering muscle back then to easily putting a V8 or for that matter a blown V8 under the hood … but like I said, Honda is a conservative outfit, so they went with the conservative option of a V6.

So in times like we all face today, and that Honda faces (like a 67% drop), I would expect them to act conservatively.

The news of the NSX getting pulled, coupled with their leaving F1 racing are confirmation of this.

Still, pulling the upcoming NSX at this late a date is still very surprising.

Source: PistonHeads


2009 Honda Civic Si (review)


After our reviews of previous model year Civic Sis, we're always happy to get another one in the garage. The 2009 model turned out to be as fun as we expected, with precise shifting and handling that kept us in the driver's seat ...


Honda to Release 67 MPG Fit Hybrid in 2010

Honda is finally trying to catch up to Toyota in the hybrid game with three new hybrid vehicles joining Honda's lineup in the next few years. First we will get the Insight hybrid next year, followed in 2010 by a production version of the CR-Z hybrid concept and then eventually a Fit hybrid.

Sources are now claiming that Honda is going to release a hybrid powered version of the Fit/ Jazz in 2010. The Fit hybrid will feature the same hybrid powertrain as the Insight, which is a 1.3L engine mated to an electric motor. According to sources the Fit hybrid will get approximately 67 mpg.


67 mpg Honda Fit Hybrid due in 2010

According to AutoCar, Honda will be adding a hybrid version of the Jazz - aka the Honda Fit on our side of the world - by 2010. The publication reports that the hybrid version of the Jazz/Fit will use the same mechanicals as the upcoming Honda Insight Hybrid which will make its debut next month at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show.

Sources say that the 1.3 liter gasoline engine mated to Honda's new hybrid system should deliver around 67 mpg. Honda announced yesterday that it has teamed up with Japanese firm GS Yuasa to develop lithium-ion batteries for future Honda hybrids. We're not sure if lithium-ion batteries will be substituted for the nickel-hydride batteries for the Jazz/Fit hybrid.

Honda says that it is hoping to sell 500,000 hybrids annually by 2010. Joining the Hybrid Insight, Civic Hybrid, and the Jazz/Fit Hybrid will be the CR-Z Coupe hybrid, which is also due out in 2010.

Source: AutoCar


Honda Shadow Spirit 750 C2


2009 Honda Shadow Spirit 750 C2

Honda's Shadow arm extends all the way to the Spirit 750 which is still a classic cruiser only that a bit more muscular and more into street-rod. They use the same V-Twin engine, making the bike perfect for cruising down the boulevards as well as exploring back-country roads, all at an affordable price. So the competition would better be beware of the Spirit! Introduction The 2009 Shadow Spirit 750 is the kind of bike that adds the salt and pepper to an already existing model and (...)

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Popular Mechanics: Ten Exotics Now Priced Lower Than A Honda Accord [Carpocalypse Now]

A beleaguered exec's loss is your gain by following Popular Mechanics' advice to pick up an Elise or Quattroporte for the price of a Honda Accord...or less. Here's their ten best picks. [Popular Mechanics]


Report: Mexican billionaire buys Honda F1 team

Honda has reportedly found a buyer for its F1 team in the form of Mexican billionaire, and the world's second richest man, Carlos Slim Helu. Earlier this month, Honda announced its withdrawal from F1 following the effects of the current global economic crisis and the need to drastically reduce costs, as well as the poor results that its team attained throughout the 2007 and 2008 seasons. With the team now allegedly in Helu's hands, speculation is rife that the results table may once again bear the name 'Senna' with Ayrton's nephew Bruno tipped to be a top contender for one of the driving spots.


Leaked Brochure Scans Show Honda Insight Hybrid In Sporty Trim [Detroit Auto Show]

Honda's readying its production Insight for worldwide debut at the Detroit Auto Show two weeks from now, but we've got scans of what looks to be the sporty Modulo version for you now.

We showed you the front three-quarter shot that Honda provided of its production Insight earlier this month and we just recently received these scans from a poster at the Temple of Vtec. Depicted are the first shots of the production Insight from the rear three-quarter as well as its interior.

While the front design of the 2010 Honda Insight goes largely unchanged from the Insight Concept, the rear design is tidied up a bit and loses some of its show car flair. The interior is also very similar to what was shown in the Paris Motor Show Insight Concept, but it loses some of the neat capacitive touch button surfaces in favor of traditional push buttons.

Also shown is what appears to be the sportier Modulo version – an accessorized version outfitted from the factory. The Modulo Insight is shown wearing a sportier bodykit including a front-lip spoiler with fog lamps, side skirts, lower rear fascia and a set of larger alloy wheels.

Below we have an as-yet unofficial spec sheet listing the different models and options, but we'll wait for further information from Honda before trusting this information completely. Honda is expected to release the production Insight for worldwide sale in the spring of 2009 at an entry-level price of $18,000 to $19,000.

Features common to all Japanese Insights:
• Ecological Drive Assist System
• multi-information display
• full-auto air conditioner
• projector-style headlights
• remote-control body-colored external mirrors
• tinted rear windows
• security alarm
• immobilizer (ignition system verifies chip in key)
• 15-inch steel wheels
• solar-heat-reducing/noise-reducing glass
• active front head-rests
• tilt/telescoping steering wheel
• seat-height adjuster
• three rear-seat head rests
• flat-tire repair kit (the new Insight carries no spare tire)
The L model adds:
• high-intensity discharge headlights with auto light control
• turn signals in the external mirrors
• leather steering wheel
• rear speakers
• front/rear arm rests
• variable-speed windshield wiper
• map light and luggage-area light
• driver’s seat back pocket
The LS model adds:
• 16-inch aluminum wheels
• Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA)
• front fog lights
• 7-speed paddle shifters
• sun-shade tinted windshield
Optional accessories:
• navigation system with 7-inch screen and hard disk drive (this system may also display additional fuel economy information and in Japan it may include a TV tuner and ECT, an electronic highway toll payment system)
• Honda smart key system
• side-curtain air bags
• 15-inch aluminum wheel for L class
• High-intensity discharge headlights
• comfort view package plus rear window wiper
Body color options:
• Spectrum while pearl (also a Civic hybrid color)
• Milano red (also a Fit color)
• Premium deep violet pearl (also a Jazz color, but not a US Honda color)
• Crystal black pearl (also an Accord, Civic, and Fit color)
• Polished metal metallic (also an Accord and Civic color)
• Alabaster silver metallic (also an Accord and Civic color)
• Brilliant sky metallic (also a Jazz color, but not a US Honda color)
Interior color options:
• Blue
• Warm gray
Other data:
• Length 4390 mm (172.8 inches)
• Width 1695 mm (66.7 inches)
• Height 1425 mm (56.1 inches)
• Wheelbase 2550 mm (100.4 inches)
• Weight 1180 kilograms (2601.5 lbs)
• Minimum turning radius: 5 meters (16.4 feet)
• Engine type: inline 1339 cc SOHC 4-cylinder
• Engine generates 88 horsepower @5800rpm and 12.3 kgm torque @4500rpm
• IMA motor generates 14 horsepower @1500rpm and 9.4 kgm torque @500rpm
• Japanese 10.15 mode fuel consumption test: 30.0 kilometers per liter (which is greater than 70 mpg, but the EPA tests will return lower numbers; the Toyota Prius rates 35.5 km/l or greater than 83 mpg in this test.)

[via Temple of VTEC]


2010 Honda Odyssey [Spy Photos]

It looks like the 2010 Honda Odyssey will get a minor refresh. The centerpiece? Honda's new family grille.

The American version of the Honda Odyssey has always had a cult following amongst the small set of minivan enthusiasts so we expect the 2010 Honda Odyssey to continue to find fans, despite the bucktooth grille also featured on the new 2009 Honda Pilot. Sadly, it doesn't appear we'll be getting the sharp-looking JDM Honda Odyssey.

According to The Honda Portal, the new Odyssey will likely get an updated version of the 3.5-liter gasoline engine currently in the Odyssey, as well an updated interior. The same source says a diesel V6 is in the works but, we'd imagine, this is going to be on hold until the market improves or the price of diesel decreases significantly.

Expect to see many of these on the road to Ithica.

[Burlapp Cars]


1982 Honda Accord LX [Down On The Street]

Welcome to Down On The Street, where we admire old vehicles found parked on the streets of the Island That Rust Forgot: Alameda, California. Here's a little car that's nearly extinct in rust-prone areas.

We saw a '77 Accord in this series not long ago, and it was startling how many readers had never seen a first-gen Accord on the street. Now we're going to look at an example of the early 2nd-gen Accord, which was still quite small (2,076 pounds) and was the first Accord to be built in North America. Horsepower was up to 76- yes, those weight and power numbers would be considered laughably small nowadays, though these cars drive just fine- and Honda's rep for reliability was really getting entrenched in the American consciousness by this time.

The price back in 1982? $8,449 for the LX, or $1,050 more than the base Accord hatch. Clearly, the cachet of the LX badging wasn't enough to stop some vocab-challenged vandal from keying "ASS" into the hood paint.


Honda e-Dream bike aims at greener future


Eco Factor: Zero emission bike that includes electric batteries and energy efficient motors.

Like other manufacturers of the same category, Honda aspires to put futuristic concepts on real roads. The Honda e-Dream is one of the dream concepts that Honda wants to see on the highways. The name itself is quite enough to explain the concept. E denotes environment, efficient, electric and e-dream. Making use of new advancements in technology and materials, this emissions-free motorcycle concept has been designed for pollution-free urban transport. The design includes frame integrating batteries, motor and rear suspension all within a simple, stylish and customizable frame. The electric engine, EL-1 20kW, that provides the necessary power to move the motors, is one of the most energy efficient in its class. The top speed of the bike can reach up to 60 km/h. An OLED touch sensitive multi-mode screen keeps the rider informed with information needed while driving. LEDs headlights further contribute to saving energy consumption.


The most advantageous feature is the PowerFrame and the SCiB battery technology from Toshiba. These lithium compound batteries amazingly take only 5 minutes to charge up to 90% and 4 hours for 100% charging. With everyday charging, the batteries ensure a lifespan of approximately 10 years. To charge the batteries, just plug it in to a wall with the integrated 6 foot cable, or dock it in a PowerDock system developed by Honda for municipal charging stations. These charging stations also allow you to find traffic, weather and navigation information, or surf the web while the bike is being charged. Three models, the Green Dream, PureDream and Black Diamond, are in the mind of the designers that differ from each other in few features.


The Dark Side: The concept is, no doubt, a green dream for the future. However, its limitation lies in its top speed of only 60 km/h. For the younger generation, having tempting models with higher speed and style might diminish the eco-friendliness of the bike.

Designer: Nicolas de Peyer


Honda's Hybrid Billboards

January 5, 2009 Primary among Honda's brand values are its role as a leader in creating low emission, fuel efficient vehicles, and its most recent promotional efforts have taken Hybrid technology to new heights, quite literally. The massive billboards featuring the new Honda Accord Euro are illuminated by green solar power; with green energy electric backup. Just like a Hybrid. Outdoor advertising specialists, APN Outdoor have installed solar panels on several of the billboards being used in the Australian launch...


Honda goes green with solar-powered hybrid billboards


Eco Factor: Massive billboards powered by solar-power-enabled electric backup.

Honda, while ensuring production of low-emission and fuel efficient vehicles, takes a step closer to green advertising. Their latest billboards show Honda's concern toward the environment. Making them solar-powered positively renders it a reputation of being an unparalleled marketing strategy. Clearly, it's a lead that may see its followers aping it in the near future. Well, Accord Euro is all set to register its presence in the Australian arena, thanks to solar panels that power these giant commercial billboards.

The Dark Side: Undoubtedly, these solar billboards would go on to herald an era of eco-friendly promotional tactics, still one needs to wait and see the acceptance of these ad campaigns.

Via: Gizmag


Honda Insight Hybrid: Official Euro-Spec Production Model, Unofficially [Detroit Auto Show]

Official press photos of the new European market Honda Insight made their way onto the web today a wee bit earlier than Honda wanted. But, all that means is we've got a full gallery below.

We showed you blurry images of a leaked JDM Insight brochure last month, but we've received a set of leaked images ahead of the 2010 Honda Insight's official debut on January 11th at the Detroit Auto Show. What's shown is a European-spec model that will likely be very similar to our own U.S. version, though in left-hand drive configuration.

What we can see from these new photos is that the production Insight has lost some of the Paris Motor Show Insight concept's flashy lighting features and it's also toned down the rear design quite a bit. Overall the translation from show car to production has served Honda's earth-saving hybrid well.

We'll bring you the full story on the U.S. market car in a little over a week or when someone else breaks Honda's Detroit Auto Show embargo.

[via CarScoop]


Honda Plans To Build All-Electric Motorcycle By 2010 [Motorcycles]

One positive note in Honda CEO Takeo Fukui's NSX-cancelling, F1-withdrawing year-end speech: a renewed focus on motorcycle development. First up: an all-electric production motorcycle.

We'll let Fukui explain it himself, ""Honda is currently developing a battery-powered electric motorcycle which emits no CO2 during operation, because the characteristics of a battery can be better utilized in the area of motorcycles, which are often used for short distance travel. Honda is aiming to introduce this electric motorcycle to the market about two years from now."

We're excited by this news. When we tested the Quantya Strada road-legal electric dual sport last year, we found it to be an ideal vehicle for urban transportation. Our only issues were the price and limited range. Hopefully, the corporate might of Honda can address these issues.

But why a bike and not a Tesla or Volt-like electric car? The reason lies in Honda's determination to refocus itself on what made it great in the first place. The company was founded in 1948 as a motorcycle manufacturer. In most of the rest of the world, bikes form an important part of the transportation infrastructure, making an electric bike ideal for crowded European and Asian city centers both for commuters and commercial users. As such, we expect a practical bike or scooter, rather than a performance-focused sportsbike or lame cruiser.

Fukui elaborates, "History shows that motorcycles remain strong in a difficult market environment and have always supported Honda in difficult times. People showed renewed interest in the value of motorcycles which consume less fuel for commuting purposes as well as for their easy-to-own/easy-to-use efficiency."
[via Hell For Leather]


Honda Reportedly Kills the Next-Gen S2000, RWD Acuras and V8 Engine Program

It was already reported that Honda has killed the next-gen Acura NSX, but it looks like the economic downturn is causing Honda to cut even more programs.

Autocar is now reporting that in addition to the death of the NSX, Honda has also killed the next-gen S2000. 2009 is reportedly going to be the last model year for the S2000 with no replacement in the works. Honda was also planning on producing a droptop version of the CR-Z that is going to be released next year, but those plans have been shelved as well.


Honda Exhibition at Tokyo Auto Salon 2009 Overview

TOKYO, Japan, January 7, 2009 - Honda Access Corporation*1, manufacturer of genuine Honda aftermarket parts and accessories, announced that it will feature two new Modulo*2 concept vehicles in its exhibition at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2009 with NAPAC*3, to be held from Friday, January 9, to Sunday, January 11, 2009, at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan.

The two concept models express the new value that Sports Modulo customization has to offer. Their distinctive exterior styling features chiseled lines, while their interior design emphasizes the experience of driving an exceptional automobile.
The Sports Modulo S2000 Concept, based on the popular S2000 convertible roadster, is a sports car for connoisseurs who desire superior performance combined with a premium interior finish. The Sports Modulo Fit Concept is a compact yet sporty automobile that takes the fun, nimble driving experience of the Fit RS to an entirely new level.

In addition to the Sports Modulo concept vehicles, Honda Access will display Life and Crossroad Styling Study Models, a Racing Modulo Civic Type R competition vehicle and a selection of other automobiles and motorcycles featuring Honda's most advanced equipment. The exhibition will also present the latest Honda car navigation and audio systems and other genuine Honda accessories.

*1 Honda Access Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
*2 Modulo is an original Honda customization brand.
*3 Sponsored by the Tokyo Auto Salon Association with the cooperation of the Nippon Auto Parts Aftermarket Committee (NAPAC).

Tokyo Auto Salon 2009

Dates, times and location

Friday, January 9
9:00 am – 6:00 pm: admission to persons in automobile industry and press
1:00 pm – 6:00 pm: premium general admission

Saturday, January 10
9:00 am – 6:00 pm: general admission to public

Sunday, January 11
9:00 am – 5:00 pm: general admission to public

Halls 1-8 and Event Hall, International Convention Hall, Makuhari Messe (Japan Convention Center), Chiba, Japan

Honda Access exhibition overview press conferences
Date, times and location

Friday, January 9, 9:30 am and 11:00 am

Exhibit #448 (Honda display), Central Hall, International Convention Hall, Makuhari Messe (Japan Convention Center), Chiba, Japan

Honda Crossroad Style StudyHonda Accord Touring ModuloHonda Civic Type R Sports Modulo

Honda Accord TourerHonda Fit Sport ModuloHonda Fit Sport Modulo Concept Interior

Honda OdysseyHonda Fit Sports NeoHonda Life Study

Honda LifeHonda Life StudyHonda Life Study

Honda Life StudyHonda Life StudyHonda Life Study

Honda Odyssey AbsoluteHonda Zest SparkHonda Freed

Honda S2000 Sports Modulo ConceptHonda S2000 Sports Modulo Concept InteriorHonda SHADOW Classic

Honda CBR1000RRHonda FORZA Z

Honda vehicles on exhibit
Concept model automobiles (2)
Sports Modulo S2000 Concept
Sports Modulo Fit Concept

Study model automobiles (2)
Life Styling Study
Crossroad Styling Study

Competition automobile (1)
Racing Modulo Civic Type R (Ranked second in Super Taikyu Series 2008, ST-class 4)

Motorcycle exhibited at Milan Show/EICMA 2007 (1)

Production automobiles (9)
Sports Modulo Civic Type R, Touring Modulo Accord, Touring Modulo Accord Tourer, Modulo Odyssey Absolute, Modulo Odyssey, Life, Zest Spark, Freed, Fit Sports Neo

Production motorcycles (3)
CBR 1000RR, Shadow Classic 400, Forza X


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