Honda Civic Type R

Honda Civic Type R version was first introduced and manufactured in Tokyo, Japan in 1997. It has a chassis EK9 type hatchback and shares some physical features of the Integra Type R and has an improved sound omission and reduction of weight principles. The Honda Civic Type R has a B16B type engine, close ratio gearbox, limited slip system differential on the front and an improved rigidity of the chassis as among its many improved features.car


Honda Reveals 2009 Civic Coupe

Following on the heels of the unveiling of the 2009 Civic sedan, the wraps have come off the two-door version. As expected, the coupe shares the subtle design upgrades with its four-door counterpart and promises to continue offering Civic buyers a sporty alternative.

For 2009, the Civic coupe will be offered in DX, LX, EX, EX-L and Si trim levels.

Up front, the 2009 Civic coupe features a new bumper, along with newly designed air inlets – three separate inlets replace last year's large single inlet. A revised grille rounds out the changes for the front of the 2009 Civic.

Out back, the Civic's taillights have received a freshening.

The base model will feature a 140 horsepower 1.8L four-cylinder that is rated at 36 mpg highway. Honda has yet to release an mechanical details for the hotter Si model, but all should be revealed in the coming months.


2009 Honda Fit Sport Review

Sequels are tricky. With few exceptions they are worse than the originals. Empire Strikes Back and Godfather II are the only examples I can think of where the follow up exceeds the original. Rumor has it that Weekend at Bernie's II is better than the first film, but I couldn't tell you. And sometimes you have a part deux that misses the point. Like Terminator II. You know the one where the 12-year-old boy tells the ruthless cyborg from the future not to kill anyone. Hey look, as movie T2 is perfectly pleasant (though it does feature George Thorogood's "Bad to the Bone"), but it's nowhere as lean, mean, terrifying or fascinating as the original. I think you know where this is going.


Take Two: 2009 Honda Accord LX Review

An accord is, by its nature, a compromise. While enthusiasts bemoan the Honda Accord's increased size and lowered fuel efficiency, in truth, the automaker's done the right thing. They've relentlessly identified and ruthlessly removed every possible reason why a cost-conscious American car buyer wouldn't sign-up for a four-cylinder Accord. In my responsibility to my readers, I can highlight a couple of places where they've missed the bloat, I mean boat. But it ain't easy…


Comparison Test/Review: Third Place: 2009 Honda Accord LX

This morning I rolled out of bed, performed my morning ablutions, downed a bowl of Raisin Bran, dropped my sons off at school and started my stop-and-go commute to work. A never-ending stream of blinking taillights precedes me up and down the interstate through the pre-dawn din. Wannabe comedians inanely chatter and squawk through my radio. Finally my exit arrives: a lightly traveled mile-long arcing two-lane spur that connects interstate to turnpike. In a brief burst of adrenaline energy that widens my bleary eyes, I break away from the gridlock and shoot up the ramp. In third gear I push up to 80 mph as my car confidently hunches down and steers precisely through the sweeping turn. By the time I join the turnpike I coast down and assimilate into the flow of the traffic. These brief thrills make me glad that I opted for a sportier, nimble handling family sedan. But I drive an '01 Accord. The 2009 Accord LX is no fun at all.


2009 Honda Pilot EX-L Review, Take 2

They must use the same grill designer as Acura.Growing up, I thought the Porsche 911 was hideous. Its bug eyes and lumpy lines made me wonder if the designer had accidentally knocked modeling clay off his drafting table and submitted the splatter. This notion persisted until I drove one. Some 130 mph later, I considered the 911 the most beautiful automotive form on earth. Driving the all-new 2009 Honda Pilot EX-L kinda sorta triggered the same type of perceptual realignment. Call it Zen and the art of "challenging" design.


2009 Honda Pilot Review

2009_pilot_ex-l_103.jpgHonda was the first automaker to offer Americans a car-based SUV with a third row of seats. It didn't matter that an Odyssey minivan was more fun to drive. Families wanted a third row without the stigma of a minivan or the bulk of a conventional SUV. The Pilot outsold all other midsize car-based SUVs. Then new competitors piled into the segment: Hyundai Veracruz, GMC Acadia, Mazda CX-9 and more. Honda lost its place at the head of the class. For the 2009 model year, Honda has responded with a fully redesigned Pilot. Have they done enough to reclaim their supremacy?


Honda Accord EX-L Review

08accordex-l-v6_240.jpgThe Subaru Legacy GT, Infiniti G35 and Acura TSX are paid-in-full members of the practical power automotive niche. They cater to financially responsible enthusiasts who want their reliability served with a supersized side of hoon and a la carte cog-swapping. Although Honda's new Accord V-6 packs a 268-horsepower punch, the four-door's a pedal short in the row-your-own department. Fortunately, the Accord EX-L coupe boasts a six-speed manual transmission. So is the EX-L a category killer or just another vanilla thrilla?


Honda Accord Review

08accordex-l-v6_2302.jpgI remember sitting in a park with my father a quarter-century ago, pointing at a nearby car. "What do you think that is?" "A BMW?" Nope, but his guess was not without reason. The second-generation Accord lifted more than a few design cues from the storied German marque. The 1982 sedan was also notable for its astounding attention to detail, compactness and efficiency. For those "in the know," the Accord revealed Detroit's sedans as over-sized, over-powered and indelicate. Now that Honda's eighth-generation Accord faces a supposedly chastened Detroit, does the new model maintain the mechanical high ground?


Honda Element Review

2007_element_ex_101.jpgAccording to market researchers, American car buyers are more likely to ask "will I look cool in this thing?" than "is this the most efficient way to get from point A to point B?" Despite Honda's rep for building the automotive equivalent of sensible shoes, CEO Kochi Kondo understands that America's love affair with the automobile gets kinky from time to time. Well if he didn't before, he does now, after Honda's bizzaro Element somehow found favor with American grey panther platform refugees. You can almost hear him at the karaoke bar singing "You gotta fight, for your right, to paaaaaarrty!"


Honda Civic LX Review

2007_civic_sedan_08.jpgHerbie Hancock is a jazz pianist with a lesser known passion for all things electronic. After trading his sublime Steinway for some cutting-edge synthesizers, Hancock's musical career Rockit-ed into interstellar space. It's unclear why Honda reversed Hancock's career path for their eighth generation Civic. Here we have a machine that harkens back to the time when funk-fusion hit the airwaves and flying wedge concepts littered the world's design studios. What's up with that?


Honda Accord LX Review

07accordsdn_ex-l14.jpgA forty-something friend once told me that I can't have my cake and eat it too. I took it literally, as we were facing a well-stocked dessert table at the time. Though my 29-year-old metabolism burns off whatever sugar coated dish I cram into my mouth, I've had enough engineering education to understand the concept that two things cannot coexist in the same time - space continuum—at least until you get down to the sub atomic level. But then I found another loophole: a Honda Accord LX. 


Honda Civic Si Sedan Review

2007_civic_si_sedan_106.jpgHonda salesman? More like "order taker." The new Civic Si sedan is guaranteed to sell itself, no "product specialist" needed. After all, the stock version is already a hit. Honda can legitimately claim they're moving them by the boatload-- even if they're assembled on Ohio acreage. And Si coupes have always done well-- even when they haven't been well done. So, offering a four door variant with a sprinkle of go-faster and look-sharper for a few more bucks is a no-brainer. Say, is that a commission check in your pocket or are you just happy you're not selling Isuzus?


2007 Honda CR-V Review

07honda_cr-v046.jpgI'm a suburban husband, father of two who owns a large dog. I commute 19.5 miles to work five days a week and spend my weekends shuttling between home and Home Depot. I take the family on a road trip twice a year. And even with gas back to two bucks and change per gallon, I'm tired of pouring my hard-earned money into my SUV's jumbo-sized gas tank. Honda made the all-new 2007 Honda CR-V for me. Whether I want it or not is another question.


Honda Civic Hybrid Review

Honda Civic Hybrid at speed [sic].In the waning years of the twenty first century, when the world's petroleum reserves finally near exhaustion, hydrogen fuel cells will most likely propel our personal transportation. These cars of the future will be practical, safe, fuel efficient, clean-running and dull. The gas - electric Honda Civic Hybrid (HCH) could well be the prototype for this new breed of automobile; where all the car's harmful social and environmental byproducts have been minimized, and all the fun of driving has been designed out of existence.


Honda Fit Sport Review

 Fit. That's a good one. At the exact moment that America's obese SUV's are giving the country petrochemical chest pains, Honda invites us to get healthy. Why chug-a-lug gas and stagger around like a big-bellied lummox when you can sip petrol and sashay around town with all the moral superiority of a marathoner? OK, but getting fit involves sacrifices: unpleasant bending, less grunt, no street cred, etc. Or does it? Let's face it: the less we give up, the higher the likelihood we'll do it. Does the Honda Fit let us frugalize without fear?


Honda Accord EX V-6 6MT Review

Honda builds an Old School Bimmer.For nearly two decades, the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry have been duking-it-out at the top of America's sales chart. Honda's recipe for mid-size success is as simple as it is effective: it's big inside, it doesn't cost much, it doesn't look like crap, it doesn't break down and it's worth something when you buy a new one. Yes but-- to an enthusiast, the startlingly unobjectionable Accord is white bread slathered in non-fat margarine. Well it was. This year, those wild and crazy guys at Honda have decided to offer an Accord with a six-speed manual and a slightly more powerful VTEC V6. The results are pretty damn groovy.


2006 Honda CR-V Review

Quintessential cute ute ages gracefully.   Honda launched the CR-V back in '97, when fossil-huffing Suburbans ruled the Earth. Most vehicles this far into their model cycle would be fading faster than red satin sheets on the heavy-duty whites cycle. But not the CR-V; the mini-SUV continues to earn its place on the showroom floor and in its owners' hearts. That said, the '06 CR-V is the last version of the SUV before Honda gives the model a long-overdue makeover. Is this, the current CR-V's last hurrah, worthy of a half-hearted muted cheer, or does the quintessential "cute ute" still possess enough charm to justify one more round of gushing applause?


Honda Civic EX Review

Where's the reset button? I probably shouldn't admit to auditory hallucinations, but every time I sat behind the new Civic's diminutive silver and black steering wheel, I heard the Star Wars theme welling-up inside my head. I know it's crazy: a vehicle known throughout the galaxy as the automotive equivalent of a pair of Birkenstock nurse's shoes suddenly inspiring thoughts of an Incom T-65 X-wing Starfighter. But there it is: an electroluminescent mass market motor clearly designed to appeal to the light saber set. In other words, the eighth gen Honda Civic sedan is the car of the future, straight from the past.


Honda Ridgeline RTL Review

 Toasteriffic schnoz says you ain't in Marlboro Country no more.Strolling through one of Honda's vanilla dealerships and coming across the new Ridgeline is a bit like happening upon Mike Tyson supping Earl Grey tea at the Dorchester Hotel in London. Not that you'd say it out loud, but the word that springs to mind is 'fugly'. Which doesn't really do Honda's first-ever pickup truck justice. For better or worse, the Ridgeline is right hook to your aesthetic expectations, instantly redefining the pickup genre in both form and function.


Honda Accord Hybrid Review

A fraction over $30k buys you the fastest Honda Accord: a hybrid!According to Rush Limbaugh, we've got plenty of oil. So I'm not really bothered about a given car's fuel economy, from a "we are the world, we are the stars with air-conditioned mansions" perspective. More to the point, TTAC's weekly test cars arrive with a full tank of gas. Of course, I'm not completely insensitive to working class priorities, or my profession's desire to promote an anti-oil agenda. So I'm always up for a good hybrid bashing-- I mean review. Only things didn't quite turn out as I'd planned…


Honda Pilot EX-L Review

Inoffensive design hits the MOR sweet spot.Yup, the Griswolds are back. Or as near as I can figure, anyway… because this Honda Pilot is surely the Clark clan carrier incarnate. Granted, someone's gone and prized off the Wagon Queen Family Truckster badging, coating its formerly pea-green flanks with something called 'Redrock Pearl'. But make no mistake: despite whatever lip service the Pilot pays to off-road cred, Honda has chamfered what few edges remain on the SUV franchise and produced a whale of a big foul-weather wagon.


Honda Odyssey Review

   Lots of room for people and stuff-- and it looks even bigger if you wear fish-eyed glassesHonda must know that "street cred" and "minivan" go together like "50 Cent" and "country club". The preliminary sketches for the updated Odyssey show a vehicle bristling with sporting intent. Unfortunately, the finished item is another boxy behemoth with no more sex appeal than a shopping cart. This time out, Honda indented the Odyssey's lower doors and creased the nose. The cinched waist fails to moderate the slab sides while the rhinoplasty makes the Odyssey look like a snake with a half-eaten Acura TL sticking out of its mouth.


Honda Civic Si Review

We don't need no stinkin' badgesHere's the thing: the 2004 Honda Civic Si has already been written off. Somehow, the car that popped the cherry for America's import racers has become an also-ran, outgunned by a new generation of high-horsepower compacts like the Subaru WRX and Dodge SRT-4. Honda's legendary hatchback now finds itself in an awkward and unfamiliar position: on the outside looking in. So is it time to say 'Sayonara' to the Si?


Honda S2000 Review

The author's least favorite place to spend time, excepting Slough, EnglandNaming a sports car an "S2000" was not an auspicious start for Honda's open-top pocket rocket. It probably sounded way cool at the time, but it's SO four years ago. And yet the little roadster still has its supporters. Earlier this year, Car and Driver magazine included the Honda in their "10 Best Cars", calling it "pure and involving". Me, I call it old and aggravating.


Digital Drive Car of the Year: Acura TL

Acura TL


As cars seem more and more alike, what sets them apart is leading-edge technology rather than acceleration or leather appointments packages. When one car has standard Bluetooth, better navigation, night vision, superior mileage with low emissions, or free Mayday calling, that's an advantage in attracting buyers. And that's what's behind our third annual PCMag.com / TechnoRide Digital Drive Awards: useful technology, applied intelligently. We honor the 10 best cars (also runners-up) and the best technology of 2008. The Digital Drive Car of the Year is the Acura TL and the Digital Drive Technology of the Year is Ford Sync. Slideshow, 2008 PCMag.com / Technoride Digital Drive Top 10 Cars: Click Here Here's how we chose the Digital Drive winners: We looked for pioneering use of cutting-edge technology as well as all-round application of established technology. On a high-end car such as the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, we expected lots of technology, because the S-Class goes out the door nicely equipped for $100,000. On more affordable cars such as the Volkswagen Jetta Diesel or Nissan Altima Hybrid, we looked for a couple standout features, in both cases here their energy efficiency. To be eligible for the Digital Drive Awards, the car had to be available in 2008. And we expected two core building blocks of technology - Bluetooth and a music adapter, not just a line-in jack - to be offered, at best included in the base price, at the very least offered as a dealer option. Here are the winners, which includes two from BMW (the leader in technology), and two from Nissan (and sibling Infiniti). See the slideshow for even more details on the winners. And use the Feedback section below to remind us how blind and short-sighted our winning choices are.


2009 Honda Insight Hybrid to Make World Debut at the Detroit Motor Show

2009 Honda Insight Hybrid to Make World Debut at the North American International Auto Show

2009 Honda Insight Hybrid 12/03/2008 - TORRANCE, Calif. - The all-new 2009 Honda Insight hybrid will make its world debut in January at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The five-passenger, five-door Insight will go on sale in the spring of 2009.

The Insight is expected to have annual global sales of 200,000 units per year - approximately 100,000 in North America - and will utilize a new interactive, driver-focused fuel economy enhancement technology named the Ecological Drive Assist System (Eco Assist™).

A leader in the development of cleaner, more fuel-efficient mobility products, Honda introduced to market the first mass produced low-emission gasoline vehicles; America's first commercially produced gas-electric hybrid car and the world's first EPA-certified hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle, the FCX. In 2007, Honda was named "greenest automaker" by the Union of Concerned Scientists for the fourth straight time.


Honda Revealed FC Sport Design Concept at 2008 Los Angeles Auto Show

Honda FC Sport Design Study Suggests Hydrogen Sports Car Future
Innovative fuel cell packaging demonstrates green performance potential

2008 Honda FC Sport Design Concept

2008 Honda FC Sport Design Concept

11/19/2008 - LOS ANGELES - Honda today revealed the Honda FC Sport design study model, a hydrogen-powered, three-seat sports car concept, at the 2008 Los Angeles Auto Show.

The FC Sport emphasizes the design flexibility and potential of Honda's V Flow fuel cell technology - already deployed in the Honda FCX Clarity sedan - and reconfigures it into a lightweight sports car design with an ultra-low center of gravity, powerful electric motor performance and zero-emissions. The design study concept is inspired by supercar levels of performance through low weight and a high-performance, electrically driven fuel cell powertrain.

"The Honda FC Sport explores how to satisfy automotive performance enthusiasts in a world beyond petroleum," said Dan Bonawitz, vice president of American Honda Motor Co., Inc. "People who love sports cars will still have a reason to love in a hydrogen-powered future."

The high-output Honda fuel cell powertrain and a sleek, aerodynamic body contribute to the vehicle's performance potential. A modular approach to fuel cell component packaging and the electric drivetrain contribute to the FC Sport's low center of gravity with the majority of vehicle mass distributed between the axles, creating the balanced weight distribution sought after in sports cars.

The ideal placement of the Honda V-Flow fuel cell stack and related components demonstrates the benefits of a platform-specific, hydrogen-powered fuel cell powertrain. The FC Sport is configured to accommodate a custom-formed high-power fuel cell stack, located between the rear seats, and a battery pack placed low in the middle of the vehicle. The electric motor resides just forward of the rear axle. Two fuel storage tanks, visible from above, are located above the rear axle.
The optimal placement of fuel cell components for performance also allows for a relatively large passenger cabin by conventional supercar standards with enough space for three seating positions. The interior layout focuses primarily on the driver with a racecar-like center driving position. The enclosed canopy opens upward from the rear to allow for entry and exit. Two rear passenger seats flank the driver's left and right side.

The sleek, low-profile body is designed to convey a high-technology appearance with sculpting that combines angular shapes in the front of the vehicle that taper into geometric, hex forms in the rear. The rear hex forms house cooling radiators for the fuel cell. Formula 1-style barge boards behind the front wheels enhance high speed aerodynamics and convey the vehicle's racing pedigree. The hydrogen storage tanks, visible from the rear deck, showcase the FC Sports fuel cell technology in much the same way that a "naked bike" motorcycle showcases its engineering technology.

The glacier white body color conveys the FC Sport's clean environmental aspirations while the dark wheels and deeply tinted glass provide a symbolic contrast befitting of the vehicle's unique combination of clean power and high performance. Green construction techniques further contribute to a reduced carbon footprint. An organic, bio-structure theme is carried through to the body construction where exterior panels are intended to use plant-derived bio-plastics.

Honda FC Sport Design Concept - Hi-res. Images

2008 Honda FC Sport Design Concept 2008 Honda FC Sport Design Concept 2008 Honda FC Sport Design Concept

2008 Honda FC Sport Design Concept 2008 Honda FC Sport Design Concept 2008 Honda FC Sport Design Concept

2008 Honda FC Sport Design Concept 2008 Honda FC Sport Design Concept 2008 Honda FC Sport Design Concept

2008 Honda FC Sport Design Concept 2008 Honda FC Sport Design Concept 2008 Honda FC Sport Design Concept

2008 Honda FC Sport Design Concept 2008 Honda FC Sport Design Concept 2008 Honda FC Sport Design Concept

2008 Honda FC Sport Design Concept 2008 Honda FC Sport Design Concept 2008 Honda FC Sport Design Concept

2008 Honda FC Sport Design Concept 2008 Honda FC Sport Design Concept 2008 Honda FC Sport Design Concept

2008 Honda FC Sport Design Concept 2008 Honda FC Sport Design Concept 2008 Honda FC Sport Design Concept

The Advanced Design Studio of Honda R&D Americas, in Pasadena, California, developed the FC Sport design study with the primary objective of using existing fuel cell technology as the basis for an ultimate Honda sports car. Designer Jason Wilbur led the design efforts.

Honda R&D Americas, Inc. began its operations in California in 1975 with local market research activities and has steadily grown its capabilities over the past 33 years to include all aspects of new vehicle design and development. Recent development efforts include trend-setting products such as the Honda Pilot, Ridgeline, Element, Civic Coupe and Civic Si.
In 2008, the company opened two new design centers in Southern California: the Acura Design Studio (Torrance), for the research and design of new Acura products; and the Advanced Design Studio (Pasadena), for the exploration and development of advanced design themes for both Honda and Acura.

The company operates 11 major R&D facilities in North America, including a full vehicle development center in Raymond, Ohio, and three design studios in Southern California. Honda R&D designers, engineers and support personnel are engaged in the development of Honda and Acura automobiles, powersports products, and power equipment for North America and global markets. The company's main centers of operation include the Los Angeles Center (Torrance, California), responsible for market research, concept development and styling design; the Ohio Center (Raymond, Ohio), responsible for complete product development, testing, and support of North American supplier and manufacturing operations; and a dynamic test facility in Cantil, California.


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