Spy Shots: 2010 Honda Odyssey to get more corporate schnoz

The corporate grille that's been inflicted on all of Honda's recent cars and trucks continues to spread roughshod through the rest of the automaker's line and the 2010 Honda Odyssey minivan isn't immune. While it's hard to get excited about a vehicle that's sole purpose in life is to transport humans and their stuff from one place to another, the Odyssey has always been one of the best options available, and while we're anything but smitten with the new schnoz, it isn't going to change the driving dynamics, and you can't actually see that six-sided, angular beak from behind the wheel anyway. The new grille joins a front-end that looks a bit more aggressive and better integrated than before, with what appears to be a steeper slope towards the ground from the windshield. The rest of the van appears unchanged.

[Source: BurlappCars]


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