Will Acura show NSX in Detroit even after killing it off?

Just two weeks after we learned that Honda had suspended plans to introduce a new V10 NSX sports car in 2010 comes word that we may see the car anyway. Sort of. The production program is still dead, but it is being reported that the previously scheduled "concept" will appear at Detroit's North American International Auto Show in a couple of weeks.

In typical Honda fashion, a concept version of a new model appears a few months for the street edition. In this case, the NSX was set to debut next fall at the Tokyo Motor Show with the conceptual preview at the Detroit auto show. Since the concept was already prepared before Honda made the decision to scrap the program, they will show it anyway. Honda's presence in Cobo will still be low-key however, with its press conference having been canceled. The NSX and the production Insight will simply appear on the show floor.

Acura NSX

[Source: AutoTeleGraaf.nl]



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