Honda - The RC212V isn’t good enough!

Just how good is the Honda RC212V MotoGP racebike...?

That Honda/HRC would say that their MotoGP bike – the 800cc RC212V – just isn’t good enough, would be quite unimaginable for most. Honda/HRC bosses have been known for their ‘pride,’ which sometimes borders on arrogance. However, in a shock move, the company is now admitting that it’s actually the machine and not the man because of which Honda have failed to win races and championships in MotoGP, in the 800cc era.
‘The reason why Dani couldn’t get the championship is because the machine is not good enough. For the last two years, the bike was not at a good level. Our 800cc machine has missed something,’ said HRC boss Shuhei Nakamoto, speaking to MCN. ‘I think Dani’s potential is enough to win the championship, but my feeling is that the machine is not good enough,’ he added.
‘If we don’t win the title in 2009, it is Honda’s responsibility, not Dani’s,’ said Nakamoto. And of course, Pedrosa quite agrees with Nakamoto. 'To be able to win we must improve the motorcycle. My results might hide the problems, but they are there. Look at the other Honda riders. They were half a minute from victory [at Jerez],' he says.
We seriously doubt if Honda/Pedrosa will be serious contenders for winning the MotoGP world title this year. While Stoner and Rossi have won 17 and 14 races each, in the 800cc era, Pedrosa has only won four races


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