New Honda technology to improve fuel efficiency

New Honda technology to improve fuel efficiency

A car is only as clean as its driver, that is the thinking behind Honda’s forthcoming Drive Assist dashboard.
Using a trio of functions, the new system aims to improve its users driving style, resulting in lower emissions and increased efficiency.
The three new technologies are headed by an ECON Mode which controls engine transmission for more fuel-efficient driving.

There’s a more advanced version of the guidance system currently available in the new Civic, which illuminates the speedometer in colours ranging from green to blue depending on how efficiently you are using the gas pedal.
And to provide an overall summary of the trip, there’s a scoring function which displays up to ten leaves depending on how efficiently you have driven. Honda's aim is to make "the hybrid experience more fun and rewarding". There is also a bar which displays your lifetime score.
The new ECO system is due to debut in Honda’s Insight hybrid, out next spring


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